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Netgear d6220 for fttp

Level 2
Hi, I hope someone can help me here.

I bought a new d6220 modem router last week to replace my old asus n55u.

It was connecting fine for a few days then it stopped working. I tried factory reset, change WAN to only accept ethernet, I also tried the settings for d7000 fttp that i found here in TPG community ( but nothing work. When I entered my TPG username and password it says incorrect even though it is the correct one.

I plug my old asus router back to check and it works perfectly. Considering I’m working from home now due to covid-19, I need to get the d6220 to work.

Can someone advise what else I need to do or check?

Thank you.
Level 2

I'm facing a similar situation. I bought one as a replacement for the defective TP-Link Modem provided by TPG originally. 

Chat support has not been able to give any help. 
It's interesting that it worked for a couple days for you. this might be a problem on TPG end?