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TPG router settings for password recovery on Archer 1200

Level 2

Hi folks

I am connected to TPG NBN via Archer 1200 router (hardware V1).

I am re-setting the default admin username and password, and am wondering what settings to use for password recovery.

From     should be easy enough...

To         ditto?

SMTP server - is this

Enable authentication should be ticked?

If ticked, my TPG username and password should suffice?

I press Test Email and get the reply Failed.

Any pointers please?

Thanks - CP


Hi @ 2chrisp,


I think you’re asking about setting up email?


You will find our email settings here plus some guides for the popular clients.


If you need to recover your password you can from the following link.



Level 2

Hi Karl

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Thanks but no thanks, I have mail set up correctly on Outlook and it functions just fine, thank you. Indeed I also set it up on Thunderbird without a hitch.

I had to do a factory reset on my wireless router the other day, i am logged onto the admin console on I clicked the Advanced tab, went to System Tools > Administration and want to apply Password Recovery on that page.

Just need to get the correct settings...