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New modem doesn’t have a phone port

Level 2
Level 2

The New modem (Asus rx86) recommended by friends to take advantage of the new higher nbn speeds after a tpg/nbn exchange upgrade doesn’t have the two phone sockets of the standard tpg modem (tp link 1600v)


They don’t have a home phone, so can’t answer my question. 


Can I plug the old modem (with the phone attached) into one of the LAN ports and so have a working home phone?


Alternatively, are there similar high speed modems with openvpn server/client (needed for work) that support a home phone?


i couldn’t find the answer in these articles or a search of the community forum. Apologies if I missed it. 





Hi @LA1 , if you are on the NBN regular plan, which is bundled with VoIP service, please be advised that the phone service is only provisioned on the TPG supplied modem, thus using a third party modem will not make it work.