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Hi There, 


My NBN modem has been used for more than 4 years.  Even we are on a highest speed NBN, the speed is not satisfactory.  Shall we get a replacement modem to solve this issue?  Or it may a different issue.



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Hi Monicasky2005. Have you done a speed test using an ethernet device to TPG's speed test outside the busy evening peak time? Make sure there's no other activity at your place. This shows the best speed you can get. You could do comparison with other speed sites.

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Just to clarify, if you are on the NBN100 plan, TPG advertises 80Mbps typical evening speed. This will be a bit higher at other times. What speed do you get? It might be a line problem causing low speed. If you are on FTTN, it could be the distance to the node. Or it might be the wifi router.

You should make a new post and include the results of the speed test.