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New router Velop no internet

Level 1a

i am using TPG nbn (HFC), when i connect the new router (Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, Tri-Band, 2-Pack White (AC4400), it was fail, there is no internet. Thank you.


Hi @samyip1108 


We recommend you use the TPG supplied modem/router for the best support from us.
We don't offer in depth service and advice on non-TPG supplied modems.

Most VDSL modems should work on your HFC service as long as it has a WAN port and able to be set up as an ethernet connection.
VLAN settings will need to be set to VLAN2.

You will need to configure the modem with your TPG USERNAME and PASSWORD. You can test these are correct on the TPG account or email portals on our web sites.

We can not guarantee the suitability of non-TPG supplied modems.