New router / modem

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I bought a new Netgear AX1800 WIFI 6 router/Model# RAX10
I am connecting the router to my NBN black box. All lights turn green except the internet light that is Amber coloured.
I think this has to do with the plan I am having, NBN HFC Digital Voice. Not sure either were to find more info in regards to our plan. It’s not really clear on the TPG account dashboard.
I am not sure if this router is compatible. Ive tried to get it working but it doe not let the internet through.
I have found a post on the community channel that refers to the same router but not really a solution.
We have a NBN voice plan but we do not use a home phone. Is it possible to change the plan to a plan that fits this router?
Thank you
Level 15

Hi @rachidholly . Read through this.

All the RAX models are similar. VLAN ID =2, priority=0.


You can convert to a Data Only plan with no VOIP that doesn't need VLAN ID.