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Nil Modem dispatched, nil progress with online chat

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Hi, i'm a new customer with TPG having had a good experience with them a few years ago at another address.


I signed up with you recently and changed my mind about needing a modem. You said that was fine and said a modem would be dispatched on 20th March. I was told it would be with me in 2-4 business days. I've received no emails about the modem being dispatched or any tracking number so I've tried to get in touch via the chat system. The chat system leaves most of my messages unanswered and even if I put my question in full, requiring no follow quetions about my query, i'm transferred to a new operator who then asks the same questions before sending me to another one. It's very frustrating.


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Sent: Tuesday, 24 March 2020 5:19 PM


Subject: Chat transcript


Dear Charles Jenkins,



[2020-03-24 15:02:42] [Charles Jenkins] Just wondering if my modem has been dispatched. Will there be tracking?

[2020-03-24 15:02:47] [TPG Sales] Please wait as we connect you to a Sales agent

[2020-03-24 15:03:29] [TPG Sales] All of our Chat Support team members are currently assisting other customers. Please enter your query while you wait and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

[2020-03-24 15:04:18] [Charles Jenkins] Just wondering if my modem has been dispatched. Will there be tracking? 6758295

[2020-03-24 15:20:48] [Charles Jenkins] Hello?

[2020-03-24 15:38:33] [Jizel] Hi! Welcome to TPG Chat. My name is Jizel from Sales department. For further assistance, let me connect you over to one of our account specialist. Please stay online. Thank you and have a great day!

[2020-03-24 15:39:21] [Charles Jenkins] how long will that take? I've been waiting 30mins already and haven't chatted to anyone... :/

[2020-03-24 15:49:47] [Charles Jenkins] hellooooo

[2020-03-24 16:18:42] [Charles Jenkins] hello?

[2020-03-24 16:19:09] [Charles Jenkins] on hold now for 80mins....


Chat ID: 505377



Live Support Team


All i want to know, is where my modem is. Even with covid-19 affecting logistics, i'm still receiving parcels via australia post in just over a week, but i'm suspicious as to whether my modem has even been sent at all because when it was confirmed that it had been dispatched and I asked for tracking details the agent I spoke to just started ignoring me.


Can someone please provide me with a no-nonesense answer about my modem?


I also find it strange that I have to create a whole new account to access the community, thats weird.


Order number 6758295

Charles Jenkins


Level 2
Also sent two Emails to
Nil auto-reply, no actual reply, nothing.
Level 2

Received a phone call from TPG customer services on 02/APR/2020 and told them that I've not received my modem. They checked and said they could see one should have been dispatched, but there was no tracking number as is the norm. Offered to have relevant department contact me. Said they would return my call within 24hrs. 2 days later, no phone call.


Current status.

Still no modem (which is especially fun during covid-19 isolation...)

Unable to make effective contact with TPG

Level 2
TLSmiley Very HappyR Called customer support on Saturday 4th April. Was told modem would be dispatched monday with tracking email. It's now tuesday and nothing...
07/04/2020 It's now tuesday and no email, no contact, nothing.
04/04/2020 1122hrs Sent email complaint to
04/04/2020 1112hrs Call Customer Service on 02 9850 0800. 1153hrs got an operator. Verified my identity, now i'm back on hold he says for 2mins. Finished phone call at 1207hrs. I have been assured that the modem will be sent on Monday (6/4/20) and that I will receive tracking details on monday to my email address.
04/04/2020 1031hrs Telephone Call to Support. 1107hrs connected to first operator, she says i need to speak to customer service, back on hold. I hear two recorded messages then they hang up on me.
04/04/2020 0841hrs Online Chat (1129hrs still holding with 'Bernie'). I have cancelled the online chat support at 1208hrs due to connected on the telephone.
Level 2

Dear C Jenkins,



[2020-04-07 10:02:36] [C Jenkins] Where is my modem?

[2020-04-07 10:02:41] [TPG Customer Service] Please wait as we connect you to a customer service agent

[2020-04-07 10:03:24] [TPG Customer Service] All of our Chat Support team members are currently assisting other customers. Please enter your query while you wait and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

[2020-04-07 10:04:02] [C Jenkins] why has my modem not been dispatched? Order number 6758295

[2020-04-07 10:04:31] [C Jenkins] Ive been waiting since 19/03

[2020-04-07 10:05:04] [Jethro] Hi Jenkins! Jet here from TPG Chat Support. Let me help you track the modem. Please give me a moment as I pull up your account.

[2020-04-07 10:05:20] [C Jenkins] thanks

[2020-04-07 10:06:33] [Jethro] Can I have your full name, service address and date of birth for security and privacy of the account?

[2020-04-07 10:06:46] [C Jenkins] Charles Jenkins

[2020-04-07 10:06:55] [C Jenkins] XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

[2020-04-07 10:07:02] [C Jenkins] XX/XX/XXXX

[2020-04-07 10:07:53] [Jethro] Thank you so much, Charles. Let me scan the account and track your modem.

[2020-04-07 10:08:08] [C Jenkins] thanks

[2020-04-07 10:11:36] [Jethro] I am still checking the account, Charles. Please bear with me.

[2020-04-07 10:11:44] [C Jenkins] ok

[2020-04-07 10:16:51] [Jethro] I can see here that the modem has been shipped, Charles but since you haven't received it yet, let me send a report to our modem team. You will receive a notification in 24-48 hours.

[2020-04-07 10:17:07] [C Jenkins] when was it shipped?

[2020-04-07 10:17:20] [C Jenkins] do you have the tracking details?

[2020-04-07 10:17:27] [Jethro] It was shipped last 19th of March, Charles.

[2020-04-07 10:17:49] [Jethro] Unfortunately, I don't have any consignment numbers here yet, Charles.

[2020-04-07 10:18:08] [Jethro] Let me send a report to our modem team.

[2020-04-07 10:18:10] [C Jenkins] yes thats what i was told previously. i presume without tracking details then it was really dispatched.

[2020-04-07 10:19:52] [C Jenkins] i have spoken to a dozen operators both online and on telephone. everybody tells me they will sort it and that they will be in touch. but nobody ever follows through. I'm a police officer in WA working a 50 hour week at the moment...i really dont want to continue to spend hours online or on the phone trying to sort out this simple problem.

[2020-04-07 10:20:33] [C Jenkins] my spare time. Can't you just send a modem now and get my dispatch email sent now?

[2020-04-07 10:21:11] [C Jenkins] I've been with you guys for a month now and all i do every day off is try to sort this issue out.

[2020-04-07 10:21:24] [Jethro] As much as I would like to do that for you, I don't have the access. The best thing that I can do for you is send a report to our modem team for them to reship the modem to your delivery address.

[2020-04-07 10:21:45] [Jethro] May I ask the delivery address that you want to send the modem to, Charles. Just to make sure.

[2020-04-07 10:22:03] [C Jenkins] XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

[2020-04-07 10:22:50] [Jethro] Perfect. I will send the report now and personally monitor this account to ensure that the modem is delivered and received.

[2020-04-07 10:22:57] [C Jenkins] I appreciate your comments Jethro. I hope this gets resolved soon as all support so far has been far from genuine.

[2020-04-07 10:23:27] [C Jenkins] can i expect an email today with some sort of confirmation?

[2020-04-07 10:23:28] [Jethro] I also really appreciate your service, sir. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

[2020-04-07 10:23:52] [Jethro] I will make it an urgent request, Charles.

[2020-04-07 10:24:01] [C Jenkins] Thanks

[2020-04-07 10:25:26] [Jethro] Have a good one and stay safe! I salute you all, our beloved front liners.

[2020-04-07 10:25:38] [C Jenkins] thanks Jethro


Chat ID: 672804



Live Support Team


We'll see if there is any change...i'm not holding my breath given the progress so far.