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Old Modem as as WiFi Extender

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Hi, @Will 

The laptop and all other device i.e mobile are in the same roon and just next to netgear router. While selecting netgear's wifi mobile is not getting internet.


Alos, if i am using any addition router/modem as a wifi repeater or ranger extender or as an access point and i am facing the same wifi issue so what's the use of installing one more modem.


Kindly advise. 




Hi @tarakmehta


Thanks for getting back to us.


Reading back on your previous post wherein you mentioned that "But while using netgear's wifi ssid in mobile and other laptop i am not able to get conncetion event after entering passord." So are these devices (mobile and other laptop) able to connect to the WIFI network of the Netgear but simply unable to go online or are they unable to connect to Netgear's WIFI completely? If it's the latter and if these devices are able to connect to the TPLink just fine, then it's either a WIFI password issue, compatibility concerns or you might just need to change the WIFI channel of the Netgear.


As for the laptop that you mentioned that's able to connect successfully to the Netgear, were you able to test if it's able to get a connection 20-30m away from the Netgear? This is to gauge if this actually addresses the range issue you're having with the TP-Link or if there's no difference at all.


The purpose of the WIFI repeater or extender is to boost the signal that you're supposed to get from the modem/router. So you will be placing it in a different location or far away from the modem/router but just enough for it to catch the WIFI signal to extend it further. This is in contrast with the current setup that you have with the TP-Link and Netgear wherein they're at the same exact location (not unless you're using a long ethernet cable to connect the two).