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Old modem on nbn hfc connection issues

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Hey, I recently had nbn installed and activated however my old router wouldn't work at all. Are there any certain settings that I should follow to connect to nbn. I tried many connection types including dynamic ip which is what multiple online sources said I should do. I also tried this on multiple modem/router my main modem/router is a tp link n600. It is an adsl2+ router. However it also supports connecting via WAN. I have tried everything but it still doesn't work. Any answer is appreciated

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For NBN HFC service, you need an NBN-compatible VDSL2 modem which allows VLAN tagging. What specific model are you using? From what I can tell, there are different models for the TP-Link N600.



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Hey, thanks for the speedy reply. I am using the TD-W8980. I visited the official tp-link website and they had several instructions on how to setup their routers for nbn hfc. My model was able to complete the steps that they had laid out, however I was still not able to get it up and running. They also said that if you connected the computer to the nbn box directly via Ethernet and received an internet connection then you can simply select the dynamic ip operation mode. If however you cannot receive a connection from the PC being connected directly via Ethernet then you must select pppoe and use the username and password. I tried both (I didn't receive a connection from PC to nbn box). Do I use my adsl2+ username and password or do I sign up to a new one?? As I thought that the nbn box should simply output it's own internet connection but from your explanation that's not the case.

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Yes, If you switch from ADSL2+ to TPG NBN you need to use the original TPG Username and Password.

You may find this thread helpful on how to setup your 3rd party modem/router.

VLAN info for NBN HFC


Let us know how it will go and should you require further assistance.