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Real timeframe for modem dispatch? Delayed?

Level 2
Paid upfront fees last week Tuesday. Its been a week. Considering long weekend, still outside promised timeframes. Talked to 3 different agents with 3 different information regarding timeframes. 1st said once paid received, will be dispatch the next day and will received 1-3days as im in metro. That info is also what I was seeing said in this community by tpg. Last person said, waiting to be accepted by system? Then once accepted will be dispatch. Rang last friday, right after phone call, my account showed order accepted. Waited the whole day today thinking it will be dispatched, but didnt? TPG, what really is your timeframe on modem dispatch and delivery. It's very confusing now.

Hi @karengonzales, let's take a closer look at your account and check on the status of the modem order. You can send your details via private message.