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Reluctance to provide Firmware upgrades

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I posted a similar question as a reply to a thread about my specific modem, but looking around this board, I see lots of requests for firmware updates.


Once upon a time (customer for over 20 years) It used to be easy to download the latest version, install, test for improvements and fixes and roll back if necessary. Often links were on the support pages or could be found on this board. 


Can someone from TPG please explain why TPG is so reluctant to provide firmware updates? Is it to do with locking the equipment to tpg? 


New firmware can often fix problems, add missing or extra functionality and improve security and efficiency. On occasion I acknowledge it can make no difference or even make things worse, but shouldn't I be able to try it and see for myself? 


I for one would be more than happy to sign a waiver stating that I install updates at my own risk and must replace or pay for equipment repairs at my own cost if there is a problem. 


Many thanks in anticipation.


Hi @AshfieldUser,


TPG supplied modem's firmware need to be manually updated by our Tech team to avoid potential security risk. 


If there's anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to let us know.