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Remote administration of TP-Link AC1200 on TPG NBN network

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Providing suport for my Daughters new NBN network at her home.

Trying to set up  remote admin to her router TP-Link AC1200 which appears to have remote admin functionality.

Have set her up with a DDNS address which can find her external ("Public") IP and set up router with specific  port so that theoretically can use https://her_router_ip_addressSmiley Tongueort# to access her router from my network


What I get is a delay then  "error Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address"


Does anyone have any real life example of how to set up the router remote admin correctly.  Lots of interesting comments :-) on web regarding RF1918 and incorrect use of IP address ranges by ISP's






Hi @PierreX

Yes, it is possible to setup a  DDNS address. However, one of the possible reason of the error message is the NBN Dynamic IP address.


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Thanks Shane

As mentioned I have already set up a DDNS for the site which is working fine and updating the Public IP as it changes. Resolving the DDNS address against a check of the current actual Public IP shows this is working correctly.

The Remote admin setup on the router has been set to allow any external IP address access on a specific port number.  I have used an identical setup to access my own iinet router at home for years without any issues.

the TPG external address resolves to on traceroute and standard IP format on the DDNS resolved IP


Was puzzeled by the "error Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address" response though and the inability to connect to the TPG router we interface.







Can you post a screenshot of the NAT settings for port forwarding of your daughter's modem/router.



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Really have no idea why but its working fine now after a few days of not working.

Can access the router web interface via the DDNS details and the port setting I put into the router

The autoupdate shows as working correctly so all good.

Really no idea why it decided to start working, nothing was changed on my end.

You asked about the NAT details but the router was brand new out of the box other than my change to allow Remote admin. NAT table was empty.

Guess I put it as one for the X-Files :-)

Thanks for the help





Hi @PierreX,


Thanks for providing us an update. We're glad to know that its working now. Let us know should  you require further assistance.