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Replacement modem for VR1600V

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I just called TPG to discuss replacing my modem (Archer VR1600v) I have had for 2018. I rang Technical Support and explained the issue, they transferred me to Customer Service. I explained the issue to that gentleman and queried if replacement modem would be the same model or a newer model, he put me on hold for 10 minutes than put me in queue back to Technical Support who I had to explain the issue to again. She confirmed it would be the same modem model sent upon paying the fee.


I'm hoping I can solve my query on this channel, my modem is getting quite hot while in use and has yellowed substantially. Due to the only suitable location of the modem, we find the range is poor in the study where I work from home. We received this modem when we lived in a smaller unit but am finding it is not so suitable now in a 2 storey house. Is there a more modern modem, perhaps with WIFI 6 that I can purchase from TPG to replace my old VR1600V, such as the VX420-G2V?


I have tried the trouble shooting options in the forums but the modem quality is as expected for the age and amount of use we have put it through.


Many thanks


Hi @Lane88


We'd like to check on what modem/router will be available for you.

Kindly send me a PM with your account details for further assistance.