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Replacement of faulty modem

Level 2

Hi, I have got the information from Engineering Dept that the modem needs to replace( faulty) but they don't know when it arrive. I was wonder is that Engineering Dept was not belong to TPG that why they can not decided to resolved any problems with costumers



Hi @vanducnguyen, the request for replacement modem has been sent and our Engineering Team is still waiting for an update from our Logistics Team.


They are expecting to receive a feedback on Monday and the case engineer will contact you to further discuss the matter.


We will also make a follow up to make sure that you will be updated.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.


Hi @vanducnguyen


I understand that you have been contacted by one of our Engineers and has been advised that the modem request has been approved. It is a plug and play modem however in the event that it did not work, kindly let us know or you may contact our Technical support team on 13 14 23 (2 + 2) so they can assist you in setting up the modem. 


Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know or you may simply reply to the same SMS you've been replying to from our Engineering Team.