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Return and exchange modem

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we have been having issues with our NBN not getting the speeds advertised on our plan and getting constant buffering while watching shows when we only have 1 tv hard wirded ethernet connected.


I had a call on Saturday regarding this and the operator said they would replace the modem as a last effort and if it does not get any better where it is actually usable we will be switching providers. 


My partner received a text this morning from TPG saying to send the faulty modem to TPG and I should receive an email with the information to return it, but I haven't received any email and I received a message telling me I will be charged $99 if I do not return modem within 14 days. Could you please check this? I dont want pay for any cost to send the modem. 




Hi @LB95


Welcome to the Community!


We'd like to check your account to confirm if the email has been sent.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.