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Sagemcom 5866T restarts always required to maintain decent 5G speed

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As mentioned by others on this forum, every few days I am needing to restart my sagemcom fast 5866T 5G modem to maintain any decent speed. I've included before and after restart speed outputs and the signal strength (full) on the modem.

It works great after restart (100+Mbps down/20Mbps up).

After a few days, that speed as dropped to <30Mbps down / <20Mbps up). 

I have no WIFI connected devices to modem (WIFI is disabled on it) and my PC is connected via cable directly to modem.


Is there a fix for this issue experienced by me and others?

Does the Nokia device also suffer the same issues, or is it free of this need to have to restart constantly?

Can someone please give me some advice to resolve?


Hi @trashnut 


When the connection speed goes down, did you notice any changes with the light status of the modem/router?


Is the device located near a window?



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Light status never change. Always at full signal.

Modem is near the window (not in direct sunlight).



Thank you @trashnut.


We may need to raise this with our Tech team.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details and preferred time to receive a call.



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I've been in the same situation where the modem gets decent speed but will get drastically reduced over time, thus require a restart.

Why ? I do not know so contacted TPG and they;


 - sent two replacement modems with the same result

 - denied that my speed is being throttled down


I was on 50/15 plan and got 35-40mbps, in typical evening hours, which is good then it drops down to around 10mbps (sometime goes down to 2-3mbps which makes the connection unusable) This was even happening 2-3am in the morning so I don't think it is the "evening usage" issue. Of course I isolated all other network devices when conducting these tests.

Funnily, even though they deny on throttling, I upgraded to 100/15 plan and now when the speed drops it remains around 20mbps...

Coincidence? I'm not sure, I will have to conduct more testings but was just wondering how you went with this issue. 

Btw, I live in the area where 5G reception is really really good. My phones all get superb speed even during busy evening hours.