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Sagemcom 5G router/modem wifi to lan

Level 2

Hi there,

How can I (if possible) connect 2 devices on my Sagemcom Fast 5866T, one through LAN and the other on the 5GHz channel?

I need to connect my VR to the modem/router through the 5GHz channel, but for it to be able to see my PC which is connected via LAN to the Sagemcom.




Level 15

hi @Gavin2 . What is a "VR"?

If a device connects to a router and gets an ip address, in your case one ethernet and one wifi, the PC can ping the other device, and should be able to connect to it.

Level 2

Hi David,

Yeh I ended up being able to ping it, but would not connect to it.  After trying for ages, I think it was to do with the program itself or some firewall/porting rules etc.  I worked around it by using my spare Netgear router that I had.  It was to connect my VR (Virtual Reality) headset.