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Set up Netgear WNDR3800 to replace TP-Link vr1600v - HFC connection via NBN modem

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I'll admit being a bit ** about this but I like to give each device on my network its own dedicated IP address, and found that the TP-Link vr1600 as provided by TPG can only handle giving out 32 IP addresses linked to MAC addresses. 


I've got more than 32 devices (quite a few WIFI lights) so would like to go back to my Netgear WNDR3800 router, connecting to the NBNco modem. 


I've set the WNDR3800 to use a PPPoE connection, used my TPG Myaccount userid and password, connected the WAN port to the NBNco modem and rebooted everything. But the internet light on the WNDR3800 remains a solid orange (after flashing for a bit), indicating no internet connection available.

I do not have a home phone, not being able to connect one is not an issue.


What am I missing to get my Netgear router to connect to the NBN ?






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I've worked out that the username needs "' at the end and the password is different (as set up in the vr1600). Yet when I use these settings, it still won't connect. 

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Problem was the VLAN ID, which in my router defaulted to 1 but was set to 2 in the TPG router.


All good now.