Setting up modem

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Hi, I have received my modem from Tpg with installation taking place tomorrow, but I’m not sure we have a working phone socket in the house. Can we plug this into any other socket? The old Telstra modem was plugged into an Ariel socket?

Hi @Catwebb,


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We've managed to check your account records and it shows here that you have already contacted our help desk and your issues has been escalated to our Engineering team. Your case has been escalated to Telstra due to a possible line issue, A Telstra communications technician has been scheduled to attend to the service difficulty anytime between now and 18/Jul/2018. Your attendance is not required. 


Our Engineering team is continuously monitoring the progress of this case and they will provide you with updates where possible. We understand the importance of your service and we apologise for the inconvenience. 


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