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Settings for NETGEAR D6400 (NBN)?

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Hey, I've purchased the Netgear d6400 and had set it up by changing my vlan setting to 2. I reset the modem a few weeks ago and changing that setting no longer works and I can't connect to the internet. Can someone help me out with the settings for this modem?


Hi @Tanyale,


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Have you tried factory resetting the modem/router and set it up again?


If yes and it is still the same try to use our supplied modem/router if it works you may need to contact the manufacturer of your modem/router.


I went ahead and tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately no match.

Kindly PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number associated with the account) and I will run initial tests on your service at the same time.