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Settings for using Telstra Smart Modem on TPG

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Hey There


Just moved over from Telstra and I'm wanting to use the same modem since it seems a bit better than the one TPG provided. The problem is I cant quite get it to work. I enter the username and password and it kind of stalls when trying to connect.


Any special settings I need to connect this modem to TPG?




Hi @el-charlton


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If you are under TPG ADSL service, then you need to make sure that the configuration is correct. Here's an online support link for the required configuration:


If you are under TPG NBN service, you need to make sure that your third party modem is compatible and be informed that the VoIP will not work because the settings of it is embedded on our modem/router. There's an online support link that will advise you about the required configuration for the NBN. You may check it here: note: VLAN ID should be set to 2


You may also contact the manufacturer of the device for further assistance.