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Static public IPV4 address

Level 2

I have been on TPT Customer care helpline for the last  3 hrs being transferred from one department to another for the eight time in a row with no help provided by any of the technical people .


I recently bought a Business plan so that I can enable RDP to my laptop from the internet. 

They have provided me with the static ip but nobody knows the Subnet mask, default gateway, Pref DNS server and Alt DNS server which I must update in my IPV4. 


I had a home plan but I purchsed an additional business plan just to get this Static IP but now I am lost in these calls with no help being given to me.


Please anyone can help me who faced similar issue?

Level 15

Hi @divyanarula . My understanding is that the 4 addresses plus mask are provided by TPG DHCP server to your router when your router connects to the network, even on a business plan. The router doesn't know that the address is static. 

I presume your old residential plan has been converted to business plan. Did you get a new username or do you keep the same username?

Have you tried connecting your router using PPPoE and whichever username is appropriate? 

You can tell if the setup is correct because the router will get the same ip address after you restart it.


Regarding RDP, this can be accomplished using Dynamic DNS. You register your hostname with a DDNS provider. The router is configured to update the provider with the WAN ip address of your router. DDNS might be cheaper than a business plan.

Level 15

@divyanarula . This was the answer to another user with the same question.

The information should be available when you log in to TPG My Account.