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Suddenly won't connect to wifi

Level 2
My NBN is not connected to WiFi. Everything been plugged in were not changed. Please reply to me soon. Thanks a lot!!!

Hi @lisa1989


I'm sorry to hear about the service disruption. It appears that your connection has been restored. Our tests show that your router has been connected to the server for almost 4 hours already. Are you still having difficulty going online? Let us know so we can check it further.




Level 2

It's been connected again. Thanks a lot!
Would you pls send me the monthly bill(although this account been set up for direct payment alreasdy) to the the address as below:
Thank you very much~

**Note: Post edited to hide the address for security/privacy reasons.


Hi @lisa1989, we'd like to know if your service is still working as it shows completely down here on our end.


With regard to the bill, please be advised that TPG is a prepaid service and because of this, we do not provide a paper bill. However, you may retrieve a copy of your tax invoices through your online account.


Kindly log in using your username and password at:


To view your Tax invoices, click on "Your Invoices," then the corresponding invoice number on the left column.

Printing of Invoices

Should you wish to print the tax invoice on your on line account, please follow the steps below:

1. Log on to your online account using your username and password at


2. Click on "Your Invoices" under the Account Management section.


3. Click on the corresponding invoice number that you wish to print.


4. Hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.


5. Open the mspaint application.


6. Click on "Edit" and hit "paste."


7. Once the image appears, click on "File" then "print."


This community article may help you as well:


Using TPG My Account & Online Account Info



Feel free to message us should you need further assistance. Thank you.