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TP-Link Archer VR1600 v2.0 Loses All Settings After A Restart

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A few weeks back, I noticed that my Archer VR1600 v2.0 was losing it's WiFi settings. They were being reset to a previous version of the password.


I thought this was strange, but wasn't too worried, as I could just shorten the old password to the new password.


This happened on three other occasions, usually with a few days in between.


I then decided to change the admin password on the modem/router, and this too reset itself after a few days.


Anyway, this happened again earlier today, so I decided to reset the modem/router completely using the pinhole on the back.


This reset everything back to default settings, but after making a number of changes and then restarting it, all the changed settings were back to default.


So, I tried again, this time using the Factory Default Restore option (via the web interface).


Once again, after restarting, all changes were lost.


Resetting back to factory default settings was my last option, as the modem has had various connection issues at time. An NBN tech did find some issues with the line, and remedied those.


I've been on hold to TPG for over 45 minutes the first time, hung up, then called again, so far 31 minutes and counting.


I suspect this will require a change of modem/router.


I've had the modem/router for a few years now, so there's clearly a hardware/software issue with it.


Anyone else experience similar issues with theirs?





Hi @dc71


Based on your post, we can confirm that your device has become faulty.


We'd like to check the account and see what we can arrange for you.


Kindly send me a PM with your account details.



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Hi BasilDV,


Many thanks for the response - PM sent.