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TP-Link Deco S4 cannot connect to internet NBN HFC

Level 2

Hi, I'm trying to set up a Deco S4 mesh to replace my provided Huawei router, but having trouble.

I've followed the set up instructions through the app, connect the Deco to the NBN connection box, power both on.

When I connect to the Deco, the LED turns solid blue.

Select connection type PPPoE.

Enter my TPG username (with the and password, turn on VLAN, set VLAN ID 2, VLAN priority 0.

Name the wifi network and set password.

App then reads 'Unable to connect to the internet', select 'Skip this step', to get to the main Deco menu.

From here, go to Internet Connection and toggle off 'Ignore Ping from WAN'.

Still no internet, tried resetting the Deco and doing the set up again again a dozen times, but makes no difference.


Any advice on how to proceed?


Hi @Winechild 


Are you under the bundled with VoIP service or Data only plan?


Kindly send us a private message with your account details for checking.