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TP Link Mesh network to extend range of TP VR1600

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My TP Link VR1600 doesn't have the range to work in lots of rooms of my house.  Its actually very slow outside the main room which is disappointing.  The solution I thought was to buy a TP Link X60 Mesh router to extend the range with an ethernet cord straight into the VR1600.  I did try to use it as a replacement for the VR1600 but no success here either.  Unfortunately I go through the App to setup each time and its unable to connect to the internet.  I choose the PPPoE setting and also change the VLAN to TPG Aust network, but it just won't connect.  Pretty sure I am not entering in my username and password incorrectly.  Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



TPG does no support third party devices, however you may need to check if the new X60 is compatible with the NBN network.


You may consider to bridge the TPG modem and use your X60 as router.