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TP Link VR1600v Internet Random disconnection

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Hi guys


Just received VR1600 few days ago however happened in past 2-3 days when browsing internet sometime Chrome, firefox, Edge said no response from server, ping VR1600 get 1ms response, entering router setting page is ok but refresh any webpage or BT no internet connection at all.

Check the internet connection status within router setting it is uplink and running find, have to reboot router when problem occured.

tried restart/reset router same issue, change DHCP setting wont help. issue may happen 1-2 times per day.

note: while waiting NBN install i am using Optus 4G modem plug in, 4g modem plug in PC directly internet no problem at all.


no firmware available and checked system log found nothing error however all logs date showing 2016? even router time setting is current


52016-01-01 10:00:44VOIPNoticeenable SIP stack due to intf( is up.
62016-01-01 10:00:43DHCPCNoticeRecv ACK from server with ip lease time 86400
72016-01-01 10:00:42DHCPCNoticeSend REQUEST to server with request ip
82016-01-01 10:00:42DHCPCNoticeRecv OFFER from server with ip

Hi @raywu8888


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I was able to locate your account using your community details. I'm not sure as to how you're using the TP-link modem to get an internet connection, because based on our records, your NBN service is not yet installed. There's a booked NBN technician to install the NBN box and the actual service on April 29th. You may refer to the email that was sent to you on April 10 for additional details regarding the installation appointment.



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In the case note i mentioned while waiting NBN connection i am using Optus 4G USB dongle for internet connection.

If 4G dongle direct plug in PC there is nothing wrong with the connection so it seem the router got some bug..


Hi @raywu8888,


Did you connect your 4G dongle to the USB port of the modem? If it is, then the internet will really not work as the modem doesn't support that type of connection.


There's no issues within the supplied modem. We can guarantee that the service will work fine as soon as the NBN is successfully installed.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,


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have a look attached scn shot... it is supported 4G USB Modem as alternative internet connection.

the modem itself working fine, it is just randomly hang on DHCP feature, (ping still response) it require modem reboot to resume connection

tracert to modem gateway is fine but nothing can go out when test on


With regard to the issue you're experiencing in connecting your 4G dongle to the TP Link modem, please be advised that we do not support this modem feature, but you may try to contact TP Link directly for further information.


Your TPG NBN HFC service is scheduled to be installed on Monday, 29 April 2019, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM and if you will experience any issue once the installation is completed, please let us know so we can further check. Thank you.

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Hi guys


Just a mins ago NBN turn up activate the service however the TP Link router still having same issue.

I found the internet connection IP address keep changing maybe using Dymanic IP address..but browsing internet for 10mins internet connection not responsing, can browse internal network device and router setting page showing internet connection is active.

tried on desktop /laptop /ipad same issue, tried reset DHCP service, reset router etc same problem. looking for new firmware can fix this random disconnection issue..



Thanks for raising this to us, @raywu8888.

We ran an initial test of your service it shows multiple dropouts occurs on the modem/router's connection to our network. We would like to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for further test and investigation.

Feel free to PM us your best contact number and preferred time. On the other hand, we're able to confirm that your modem/router has the latest Firmware Version.We'll wait for your response.


In case you heed a reference:

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Hi @raywu8888,


We further investigate the issue it seems a possible line fault is causing multiple dropouts on the connection. We raised this to our Engineering Team for assessment, expect a call or SMS from them after 24-48hrs.


Let us know should you require further assistance.



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Hi Shane


NBN technician turned up this arvo swap another new equipment, it keep online for a while however it randomly dropped connection again.

at 1800 i did few test the dropped time:





the connection dropped so randomly, no USB 4G modem connected to TP Link router, everytime resume internet connection by login to router page, reboot the router and internet connection back again, everytime is the same..

TPLink support case opened: 194885, they said this model router special for TPG they cant provide me any fireware fix. its look to me it is device issue not line issue, please advise further troubleshooting.