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TP-Link VR1600v Netgear Mesh wireless extender compatible model suggestion please

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I have the TP-Link VR1600v router/modem and very happy with it. We have a two story house and the router is at one end and upstairs as that is the only place it can be put.

Due to our house and router distance from one end the downstairs signal can be low and have dropouts. I have an older Netgear extender which works find as ANOTHER access point but you have to join it on your phone if you go to that part of the house.


I have been reading for a while now about the new MESH technology. Will that work with the TP-Link VR1600v hardware from TPG. The benefit of mesh is it is ONE access point and your devices just auto join the MESH extender and the SSID is the same name I believe.


Anyway does anyone know what MODELS are compatible to give better wireless coverage downstairs loungeroom and balcony?

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I just did a little more reading and it seems to do what I want you need a Mesh router and then a node or two downstairs. Is this the case. If it is would that mean the second router which would be responsible for the wireless would be in bridge mode?

This is what I read and it is what I want. A seemless wirless not a second access point that has to be manually joined.


Hi @spotts,

The MESH equipments  should work with any router. It would be best if you check this with your equipments manufacturer.


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Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the confirmation about the mesh working with any wirless router.

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Hi @spotts as @Shane has mentioned, most MESH kits should work, I've been running a TP-LInk Deco M5 kit for several months now and am very impressed with the results.


 Similar setup to you with a 2 story house and a VR1600v modem/router, I've disabled the VR1600v's WiFi and am running just 2 M5's one upstairs next to the router and one downstairs, these are connected via Ethernet for backhaul however this is optional as they work fine via wireless link also, coverage is very good and the client device will connect seamlessly to either M5.


The coverage is that good that I only use 2 out of the 3 M5's in the kit to cover the whole house. I'm running them in access point mode so the VR1600v still does all the routing.

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Hi Orbistat, Your info was very helpful. I just found a 2 pack as that is not much more than the single from


Good to know it works with TP link and that the Deco M5 is also made by TP-Link too.


I appreciate the help on these forums.