TP Link VR1600v

Level 2

I have had my TP Link VR1600v modem connected for 3 days. Still no internet light. It is useless. No confirmation from TPG. No response from TPG Message Us service. No internet. Landline phone works fine on my telstra modem but not on TPG.


Hi @neuvecottage,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that your NBN order is still in progress.


The modem was sent to you ahead of time so once the installation is finished and the NBN account is active, the internet will work right away.


The installation is still within the time frame of 2 to 30 calendar days. Our service delivery team was trying to contact you yesterday as well on the phone number that we have on the account, but you were unreachable.


They are monitoring the account and will be in touch once an update is available.


Kind regards,