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TP-Link archer vr1600v locked?

Level 2

Hello, I have a TP-Link archer vr1600v from TPG.

Just wanted to know if TPG locks this modem or it can be used with another provider freely?




Hi @estebangc, we do not lock the modem/router that we provide. Let us know should you have further queries. 

Level 15

Hi @Riezl  . While TPG routers allow a connection to other providers, what about the VOIP function. Is it hidden away behind customised code which means the built-in VOIP function can't be used with the other provider?

In the VR1600, there is a menu option to do a firmware upgrade. (The firmware file is downloaded from TP-Link to a computer and then loaded into the router.) Does this menu option actually work or is there no code behind the menu option. A user would want to do this when connected to another provider to make use of functions disabled by TPG.

Does TP-Link provide firmware files for this model seeing as how it is a special device for TPG?