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TPG AC1600 router DHCP settings

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Hi there everyone. Can someone assist me with a problem I've just started to experience. We have an TPG AC1600 router that we disabled acting as a DHCP server due to the fact we already have a Windows 2016 Server with DHCP services. We also have some VoIP phones on the network that have stopped working. When I look at my phone within the network boundary, I can see two configured WiFi networks however I'm unable to pick up an IP address from the internal DHCP server. Not sure yet why the voice isn't working. I have configured an IP address on the router LAN interface within the local network range and can ping the DHCP server but WiFi enabled devices are unable to pick up an address. I notice I can configure the AC1600 as a DHCP relay agent and point at the DHCP server however, this still doesn't seem to work. I would imagine this is a pretty standard setup and it has been working fine previously. Does anyone have any thoughts.


Hi @zucan01 . Has this arrangement been working and suddenly stopped or is it a new setup you are trying to get working? If it suddenly stopped working, were any changes made at the time?

Is there a switch for other computers and phones?

Is the Win2016 and other devices (including router LAN address) on the same subnet? What addresses are provided by the server?

What addresses does the TPG router (VR1600?) get for its EWAN interface? Public ip address, default gateway, subnet mask, DNS?

Regarding the ethernet devices, how are they all connected?

Does any device get internet access?

Yours isn't a standard setup for residential users. A Win DHCP server would be for SOHO upwards.