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TPG FTTP settings for Tp-Link Vr2800

Level 2

Just had the upgrade of FTTP completed and want to know if anyone has step by step Install settings for the Tp-Link Vr2800. 


Nothing seems black and white where the TPG install instructions re FTTP are concerned.


Tech has coinnected old Tp-Link Vr1600 to the FTTP box and its working fine. 


Hi @Boda . Do factory reset on VR2800.

Ethernet cable goes from FTTP box to LAN4/WAN port on VR2800.

Go to Advanced, Operation Mode. Select Wireless Router Mode and Save.

Other settings are PPPoE, username and password.


There's a note in the manual: VLAN ID cannot be disabled when Ethernet Connection is enabled.

If this is true, it can't be used on FTTP since VLAN ID is not used.