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TPG Voip access using Ubiquity security gateway.

Level 2
Hi TPG peeps 🙂

I’ll start with the basics.

I am connected to TPG to the NBN via HFC using one of the woeful Archer 1600v freebies. Attached to it is the voip service for the home phone.

Before i start explaining can I just ask one thing. Please don’t tell me things can’t be done or that they don’t exist. Pet hate of mine. 😊

For many reasons I have a requirement that means that my connection and authentication to the internet will be done by the ubiquity gateway.

This is no problem. WAN is set to ppoe, username works. noPassword set and with vlan 2 selected its a happy camper and able to get decent speeds not achieved with the archer.

Here where the problems begin.

That pesky archer and the voip functionality.

I need to know what is required to either make the archer function behind the ubiquity gateway or what the details are to run the TPG voip account on a third party ATA.

The super user account or SU login for the archer. Before the normal level one scripted response of “it doesn’t exist” start appearing, I urge you, please, don’t.

We all know it exists. We all know TPG rolled out a mass “update” that saw the accounts password changed.

Now that’s out of the way... how do I go about having the SU account password changed from whatever the global password is to something that is unique to my device?

Not super difficult. Not asking for the first born child of the help desk staff etc.

We have had access to it once before and life went on.

I’m open to suggestions on an alternative measure to make this work (no having the archer as the first device is not acceptable)

Appreciate the time in advance of anyone that can assist.

Ps - yes there is a level of bluntness in my writing. Some of the responses I have been reading have left me shaking my head