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TPG modem issues

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My understanding, from talking to someone who formerly worked at TPG, is that it is considered quite the joke when a customer tells customer service how long they have been a customer with TPG. So I will leave that part out.


However, my handle should tell you what you need to know about from where this post is coming. I also find it telling that 'unhappycustomer' was already taken...


But I digress. I understand that it is widely acknowledged that the modem that TPG forces its customers to use is junk. I also understand that the company that manufactures it is closely related to certain Chinese interests.


Hence, I want to use my existing modem/router, which I have only just discovered means that I will not be able to use voip for 'security reasons'. Now, after having recovered from the solid five minutes of laughter that ensued, I am stuck with a product that is not fit for purpose under the Australian Consumer Law, and I would like TPG's assurance that I can withdraw from my contract with minimal fuss.


I would also like to point out the irony of telling people that you will not allow access to the voip service for 'security reasons', despite the modem that you force people to use being closely tied to a country with an aggressive hacking program, who is known for putting security flaws into devices so that they can monitor them.


In addition to the transparent lie about 'security'—though, arguably, it is considered a security matter for the foreign interest that you appear to be serving with your policy—I note that the problems with your modem also extend to functionality. When I tried plugging your modem in—for the sole purpose of connecting my phone system (no data) to it—it shuts down my other (data) modem/router. That is an aggressively anticompetitive 'feature' to have added to your system, and exposes TPG's lie regarding voip 'security'. It is clearly a financial decision, on the part of TPG, to restrict customers to a single modem, not a security decision. Thus, it becomes impossible to argue that the product—bundled DSL and voip—is fit for purpose.


Hence, my contract with TPG is void. I would appreciate TPG's confirmation of this so that I can move to an ethical provider.


Hi @unhappycust0mer


Welcome to the Community! 


We regret to learn that you no longer wish to continue the service with us. 


For security reasons the home phone component of your bundle is encrypted and requires the use of our modem, to make and receive phone calls. The company has made a business decision to not make the VOIP settings available for 3rd party routers.


In regards to the settings for the included voice service, we have chosen not to supply these to end users to simplify setup and to ensure the security of our customer's connection. We make this clear to all customers before signup by indicating that a router supplied by TPG must be used with the service. This is in our terms and conditions which are available on the TPG website at We appreciate your honest feedback however we make decisions based on our customer needs and security is paramount. 

I will have someone from our Accounts Team to contact and assist you regarding your concern. Kindly provide us with your Customer ID or service address via private message as well as your best contact number and your most convenient time to receive a call so I can organise a call back for you. 






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I understand that as a customer service rep, that you have no ability to say anything that is not on your script, but I would rather that you did not lie to me by saying that it is for 'security reasons'. That is simply not true, and you know it. Just say nothing at all, but do not lie to your customers.


That being said, I greatly appreciate TPG's admission that it is a business decision, not a security decision, that prompted the policy not to provide the voip settings. I have taken a screenshot, just in case...


It looks as if we may be able to come to an amiable—and permanent—parting of ways after all.

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In addition, it will be hard for TPG to give me a call, seeing as how the voip does not work, even when I use your modem as directed.


Perhaps that is the security to which you keep referring? If even I cannot use my voip, then no-one else can possibly hack me. Brilliant!!!


We totally understand the need of a working homephone, @unhappycust0mer


We have detected that your internet is up and running hence the homephone should be, too. As advised via PM, we have detected a 3rd party modem and we'd appreciate if you can provide us with a mobile number where we can contact you so we can assist you accordingly and provide you with a resolution.