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TPLink Archer 1600v Dropping Out

Level 2
Hi, I've got a TPLink Archer 1600v router connecting via VDSL (FTTN residential premises). At least twice a day seemingly at random the router will lose connection to the internet. All connected devices will drop out instantly. The outage lasts about 2-3 minutes then everything reconnects so it seems to be reconnecting to the network at random.

I have tried different phone ports/VDSL ports, different power supplies, I've ensured everything is connected properly and there are no breaks or issues with the cabling. I've reset the device back to factory default several times but it keeps happening.

Currently I'm using another PPPoE compatible modem and using the same ports I've had no dropouts or issues at all so I think the device is faulty.

Are there any options to get a replacement unit organised or similar? Currently useless to me but since I paid for this when activating the service just wondering if there are any warranty options?


Hi @dimarkcarro


There are many factors that can cause dropouts and we're here to help find that out. 


Let us have your TPG account details via PM so we can run tests with your service.