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Telstra modem conected to tpg modem as a stringer signal

Level 1a

Hi there

my wifi with tpg modem is very weak

cand i conect a old telstra modem to the tpg modem (wired) to make signal stronger 

Level 8

The following is for cable connection between routers.

Do internet search for "connect one router to another". There's an article in

You will already have part 1 done with your normal setup.


Part 2 is setup for router #2.

- disable dhcp

- assign a new address for #2; say

- set SSID and passkey and channel to same values as #1


One more thing on #1. You have to make sure that the ip address of #2 is not handed out by #1.

Check  "Reserve LAN IP Addresses".

You make an entry here to reserve ip address for mac address of #2.


Since both SSIDs are same, a wifi device will pass between each coverage area without dropping out.