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Telstra modem conected to tpg modem as a stringer signal

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Hi there

my wifi with tpg modem is very weak

cand i conect a old telstra modem to the tpg modem (wired) to make signal stronger 


The following is for cable connection between routers.

Do internet search for "connect one router to another". There's an article in

You will already have part 1 done with your normal setup.


Part 2 is setup for router #2.

- disable dhcp

- assign a new address for #2; say

- set SSID and passkey and channel to same values as #1


One more thing on #1. You have to make sure that the ip address of #2 is not handed out by #1.

Check  "Reserve LAN IP Addresses".

You make an entry here to reserve ip address for mac address of #2.


Since both SSIDs are same, a wifi device will pass between each coverage area without dropping out.