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The Usual - NBN Down Ticket Unanswered

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So every time I'm notified that the NBN are carrying out maintenance work that may affect my service is affected.
It's been out since 5:30pm Fri. I rang yesterday morning waited over 90 mins and advised engineering would be intouch within 24hrs. Ticket raised 12066948 so far nothing. Every complaint I have is to with the service. At the sake of repeating myself I have had an accoint since 1999. Up until the NBN I must of rang 5 times and never with a service/technical issue. Since NBN I've lost count. If I goto another provider will it make a difference? See the dilemma...the NBN owns the network and the government owns NBN and the only company with a broadband network is the NBN. The service is crap, (** I just received an email informing me that my issue has been passed to NBNco and I can expect a response within 12-24hrs***) and from what i see it's not just me who has issues . I've asked questions re downtime due to maintenance and told maintenance doesn't always mean upgrades. We'll duh. I know that that want my question .my question is why when advised of maintenance being carried out do I get drops and downtime. It could be the issue as it happens everytime.t
As I said I would go elsewhere but I doubt it will resolve my issue as it appears to be NBNs fault and if your not happy with them your choices are, hmmmm, let me see.....that's right it's the government controlled NBNco. Monopoly anybody??? I WANT MY SERVICE ON my partner is working from home she needs access to a fast and reliable service. Why is it that much home appears to be the only one ..


Hi @Adslcgp3


Thanks fort raising this with us.


We checked the account and understand that our Engineers have requested for an NBN technician to fix your service.

Further updates will be provided once available via SMS or phone call.