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Third Party Router for NBN FTTC

Level 2

Hello all,

             I am having issues connecting my TP-LINK Archer VR2800 to my newly established NBN line.


The router supplied from TPG (TP-LINK VR1600v) works fine but I cannot get my VR2800 to connect.


My connection is FTTC and I understand I need to configure my VR2800 in wireless router mode. With this done it still does not connect - TP-LINK support tell me that my username and password are incorrect (which I have checked and rechecked) and TPG support have said it should work but cannot explain why it does not.


I am out of options, has anyone else experienced a similar issue?


Thanks in advance

Level 5

Hi @Archer_VR2800 .

I had  quick look at you equipment.

Try this.


Connect the NBN NCD to LAN4/WAN of this tp-link using an Ethernet Cable.

Then Change the operation modem to wireless router mode1.png



It will disable the DSL port and turn the LAN 4 into WAN port

You need to do this for NBN FTTC at it uses the WAN port.


After you change the operation mode to WIreless Router Mode just configure the Internet as normal.

Make sure to use VLAN ID: 2 and PPoE.






Level 2

Thankyou! After much screwing around this tip fixed the issue.