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Tp-Link x20 Deco - compatible with TPG superfast?

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Hi all,


I'm looking to upgrade to wiFi mesh to make the most of my TPG Ultrafast plan and to maximise coverage throughout my home. 


I can't see much of a difference between the x20 and the x60 other than the x60 is capable of 3000MBPS as opposed to 1800MBPS by the x20.


The X60 also has slightly better range, which won't bother me as I will buy the 3 pack.


My questions are:


- Given that the Ultrafast plan is circa 250mbps, would there be any justification in buying a 3000mbps mesh system?


- Will the X20 work with TPG ultrafast, as it is not on their list of tested compatible devices, however the X60 is listed as compatible.


Note - I do not use VOIP.


Any help would be appreciated, as I'm no guru.



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Hi @1rjg . I'd expect the X20 to work on the higher speed plans. Each node has 2 x 1 gigabit ports. 

Look at the TP-Link promos for each model. The difference is the wifi bandwidth. It depends on the number of users and their type of usage: 4K v. HD streaming, cameras, smart home devices, etc.


X20 and X60 comparison (from the internet):

The Deco X20 is a dual-band AX1800-class mesh networking system that supports speeds of up to 574Mbps on its 2.4GHz network and speeds of up to 1,201Mbps on its 5GHz network.

The Deco X60, on the other hand, is also a dual-band mesh networking system but it has an AX3000-class rating. This means maximum data transfer rates of up to 574Mbps on its 2.4GHz network and 2,402Mbps on its 5GHz network.


This user has it working on standard HFC:

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Thanks David.


A couple of further noob questions...


I'm not really understanding the wifi bandwith vs nbn speed.


If i'm understanding correctly, using mesh with an inbound speed of 250mbps (TPG Ultrafast), each device using that mesh network can achieve speeds of 250mbps per device up to 1201mbps (x20) or 2402mbps (x60)?  This would mean approx 5 devices at full speed on the x20 and 10 devices at full speed on the x60 (based on 5ghz network)?


My intent behind the mesh is to provide sufficient coverage for a smart home, with main streaming services being multiple wireless amplifiers driving indoor and outdoor speakers on the 2.4ghz  network, and netflix / youtube to 4k on smart tv's (5ghz network). 


I couldn't imagine a scenario where i'd ever need 10 devices at full speed, so trying to justify the price difference between the x20 and the x60.



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@1rjg . The step up might be if you had several wifi HD CCTV cameras streaming to ethernet storage, watching movies from that storage or from the internet, videoconferencing, smart devices, more people doing more things (larger family).

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Thanks David, good point as I do have CCTV cameras which I didn't think about until you raised this.


With that in mind I think that the cost of the x60 is justified.

Thanks for your assistance with this.