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Trouble Connecting TP-LInk Deco M4 Mesh System HELP PLEASE

Level 2

OMG!   I am so confused.  Im trying to connnect the TP-Link Deco M4 mesh system.  I need very basic instructions on how to connect this. It isn't as simple as the app leads one to believe.  

Where do I plug in the cable that connects the Deco M4 to the Modem/Router?  Wan, Lan?  

Does the cable connecting the NBN box stay plugged into the LAN connector?

I have aleady goolged and logged in and clicked the WPS box.

I have also already clicked the options to turn the TPG Modem/Router into a bridgeing device.  

Having done all of this it still tells me it is uable to connect to the internet.  I'm at my wits end.  I don't know what else to do.  Thanks 

Level 15

Hi @schglobbi . You can download a brief Deco user guide from:

A picture shows the cable from the NBN box going to the top port although the caption says the cable can go in either port.

It might be possible to connect the Deco directly to NBN box without the TPG router. In the guide is a screen shot to Change VLAN settings. VLAN has to be enabled and VLAN ID=2 (not needed for FTTP). Other settings are PPPoE, username with on end and password.

The other ethernet port might be able to connect a computer or a switch for more ethernet devices.

If you can't get the Deco to function by itself, or you want to keep the TPG router, it can be set up in its normal fashion (do a factory reset and set it up afresh). Set the Deco into Access Point mode and connect it to the TPG router LAN port using a cable.