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Trouble configuring ASUS RT-AC58U on TPG HFC Connection

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I have recently purchased ASUS RT-AC58U and I am unable to connect to TPG HFC connection (existing router is TP Link Archer which I am replacing with Asus) .

I have tried the following steps

- Connect as PPPoE; put in my TPG username and password; all other configs I have put default values

- Configure VLAN as 2 on the WAN port with Priority 0


The internet light is still down and blinks in about 10 sec each time.

Am I missing a configuration step here ? Happy to provide any additional details.


Thanks for help.



Hi @trixash,


Welcome to the community!


You may find this thread helpful ( ) article includes additional troubleshooting on how to setup ASUS RT-AC58U.


Let us know how it will go and should you require further assistance.