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Trouble connecting a Fritz!Box 7490 to FTTN

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I was trying to connect with a Fritz!Box 7490. The line syncs fine, but the modem log shows "PPPoE timeout errors" after that and does not provide an IP4 connection. I've set it up to use the correct username and password and to autodetect line settings (like I said, it syncs fine). There's a big sticker on the box saying "NBN ready" but the only things I can find through a Google search are settings from other ISPs (which I've tried). Is it possible to connect this modem to TPG/NBN? Has anyone succeeded?





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We are not that familiar with your Fritz!Box 7490 modem, but if you are able to receive sync from the TPG NBN FTTN network, then it might work as well. However, in case you changed your modem, the home phone will not work since the settings of it is saved on the firmware of the modem that we provided you.


If you are able to provide us some screenshots of your modem interface, we might have some idea of what is missing. Just make sure to cover up your TPG account details. Smiley Happy


You may contact the manufacturer of the modem as well to make sure that you'll be guided accordingly.


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Apart from the standard connection settings the one that gave me internet access (as opposed to DSL/NBN connection) was setting the vlan-id = 2. Which was a requirement for my TPG config.