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Trouble of returning modem

Level 2

Dear TPG team,


Recently I have applied for cancel my account together with finalising my home wireless broadband service.


For this issue I have called your team since the end of last year, however your team finally successfully reach back to me JUST ONE DAY BEFORE MY FLIGHT. I knew your team had tried your best to issue the Consignment label for me with your earliest convenience, but I was given no choice to depart for my flight,and unfortunatelly when I had received the label, I was already on the seat of my flight, hence I could only return the modem completely with my own without the label to make sure I arrive the airport on time.


Considering this was planned but unexpected circumstances, please let me know if any solution can be offered at current stage. Just need to let you know I had permanently moved out from the apartment that I used for contract application

I am currently willing to pay the non-return fee of 112AUD at current stage. Please let me know if any non-return fee will take place afterwards otherwise we need to comeout with a preferrable solution for both of us.


I am currently overseas without a roaming service provided by any Australian phone company, hence please contact me via email or through the chat with your best effort.


Once again thank you for your kind reminder.

Please have a great week ahead.


Yours sincerely,