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Unable to Connect to Company VPN

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Hello, we recently switched to TPG as our ISP. Previously, I was able to connect to our company VPN with no issues. Now, I am unable to connect to our VPN since we switched ISP to TPG. Please advise. Thank you!


Hi @curiouschuzkie . Do you get any error messages from your VPN client program?

Any suggestions from your company IT section?


Do you know the hostname or ip address that your VPN client connects to?

It might be that the DNS you now use doesn't have the hostname listed, or that TPG does not have a working route to the ip address.

If you know the hostname, do   nslookup <hostname>

The display shows the DNS being used. Does it return an address for <hostname>?

If you have the ip address, do   ping <ipaddress>   and   tracert <ipaddress>

This shows there is a network path to your work VPN.


Out of interest, why did you switch? And why not switch back having encountered this problem?