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Unable to simultaneously connect 2 laptops to Wifi

Level 2

Hi TPG team,


I'm having issues having 2 laptops connecting to the Wifi at the same time. There's no issue at all when only one laptop is on but when both laptops are on, the connection just drops and neither can connect to the internet. Very frustrating as this has been happening for months and it only happens to the two laptops, all other devices appear to be fine and I only have around 10 devices connected to the router at any one time.


Can you please advise where the issue is and how this can be resolved?

Level 15

Hi MarkHC93.

Both laptops might be configured to use the same ip address.

When devices connect to the wifi, the router assigns sequential addresses from the pool. Turn on one laptop and see what ip address it gets (ipconfig command). Is it the next in the pool or some other value? Turn the laptop off and do the same with the other.

If it's the same address, check the network connection properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties.  You should be using Obtain an ip address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.