Upgrade my modem

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Greetings I am wanting to utilise the fast wifi speeds just recently offered, however, my Netcomm n300 modem is quite old and will not reach the speeds offered.

'how do I upgrade my modem to the latest?

many thanks


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Hi @watsondskt . Was the Netcomm provided by TPG as part of your plan contract or did you acquire it yourself? If it was provided by TPG, you need to discuss wth them. If you acquired it yourself, just get another one. All routers do the PPPoE business. The main consideration is that the router supports VLAN ID = 2 setting, unless you are on FTTP.

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Greetings David,

many thanks for your advice, it is appreciated,

TPG are sending me a new and updated modem and all I had to pay was for postage.

happy with outcome so far