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Upgrade nbn modem router firmware

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I have successfully installed a TPG supplied NBN Modem router AX1500 Model VX220-G2v in my house. Could someone please provide step by step instructions (or a link) to upgrade the Modem router to OneMesh or EasyMesh?

Hi @akghoshal 


If you have a TPG supplied modem/router, then we can assume that you have the NBN bundled with VoIP plan.


In case you are thinking of changing the main modem/router, then you need to make sure that the new device supports VLAN ID tagging for NBN FTTN/FTTB, NBN HFC and FTTC technology.

If you are under the NBN FTTP/Fixed Wireless, then you just need a router.


The connection type should be PPPoE regardless of the technology you have an use your TPG credentials.


Be advised that the VoIP will not work on any third party device.



You can also choose to add a Mesh or Access points to boost your home network as long as they are connected to the main TPG provided modem/router.



Level 2

Hello, I have the same question.  I don't want to change the supplied modem/router (VX220-G2V), I want to upgrade the firmware so that it supports EasyMesh, is this possible?  Thank you