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Use old TPG router as extender with new NBN router

Level 3

Hi I received a new router Archer VR1600v with my NBN connection. I still have my old TPG router which was Huwaei Model: HG532d

I want to use this old router as an extender upstairs. I already have an inbuilt LAN port from downstairs to upstairs.

Problem is after following some videos in youtube to tturn off DHCP server and change IP address of old router I still do not get internet.

What can I do?

Level 15

Hi satban. It's not clear from the manual what can/can't be done.

The cable from the wall socket upstairs goes to a LAN port on HG.

The following might work.

Set HG's ip address to or something that won't conflict with a reservation already on Archer.

Set DHCP address, DNS address and default gateway to (the Archer).

Disable DHCP, NAT, firewall.

Set its SSID and password the same as the 2.4G band on the Archer but use a different channel. You can go between upstairs and downstairs and the wifi device will select the stronger signal.

On the Archer, check that its dynamic ip pool excludes or whatever you chose. (The default might be 100 to 199.)

Check that multiple devices on HG can access internet at same time.