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Using Sagemcom F355 Modem

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I have ADSL 2 and a friend gave me a Telstra Modem Sagemcom F355. I was told that other TPG users have been able to use this modem/router to connect to the internet. I was wondering if anyone has and how? I connected it and was waiting for the online light to turn green, but it never did.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Help no longer required.


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Hi @ccaruana90,


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I need help, I have this modem and I want to start a plan with TPG ADSL 2+ (BYO modem) at my new residence, can I use this modem?

Hi @Swiftlydata,


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We can confirm that the Sagemcom modem will work with our TPG ADSL2+ service. You just need to configure the device correctly. You may refer to this link for the settings.


You need to make sure that the modem is not locked with your previous provider for it to take the changes on its settings.


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