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VOIP settings for VR1600v when Ubiquiti AMPLIFI HD is primary router

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I have replaced the VR1600v with a Ubiquiti AMPLIFI HD mesh router. Question can i still use the VR1600v for TPG VOIP if so what configuration do i need to use? Undertand TPG VOIP is only supported by the TPG supplied VR1600v.  Note VR1600v will be used purely for VOIP


so connected the VR1600v WAN port to LAN port 1 on the AMPLIFI router. Changed connection type to DHCP and disabled VLAN ID and all expected lights are on and has internet. All other settings are TPG NBN default.  VOIP phone does not work tho and it did before when VR1600v was primary modem. 


  1. what else do i need to do? 
  2. do i need to setup port forward on the AMPLIFI? 
  3. Should I change VR1600v DHCP setiing to DHCP Relay? 

many thanks for any help to get this sorted? 


Cheers, Joe 






Hi @joecarmody ,


Welcome to the community!


You have to use our supplied modem/router as an Authenticating device to maximze the VoIP service. Our VoIP system relies on the customized firmware of the TPG supplied modem for the VOIP credentials to authenticate. Unfortunately, third party devices will not work as it is how it was designed.

We have an article that you may find helpful. Visit this link Voip Settings for VDSL 

If you wish to use a 3rd party modem/router here is a helpful article that may help you. Are the Tpg routers DHCP compatible? 


We apologize if we are not able to provide you with the VOIP settings of TPG NBN Homephone service.

You can still use your own router as a wireless access point, however it has to be plugged into the TPG supplied modem. If there are any issues with the equipment you can advise us asap so we can assist.


Let me know should you require futher assistance.